Thursday, November 16, 2017

House Bra of Comfort

Don’t ruin the Thanksgiving holiday this year by letting your giblets sneak into the mashed potatoes! Get a supportive bra that keeps everything tucked in, and away from the food! 

While our bras address a number of women, one bra in particular seems to be making many happy. The ABC manufacturer has the 110 bra. To you, it could be known as the “house bra” due to its’ versatility and comfort, perfect for wearing around the house during the holidays. The 110 comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from XS-XXL, and A/B-E/F. This front hook bra is great for post-surgery. Other benefits of this bra apply to women whom have had shoulder surgeries, need wide back support, are going through radiation, have sensitive skin, or have osteoporosis. This bra also comes in many colors, with seasonal Fall and Spring options as well. 

110 Leisure Bra

The 110 is 97% cotton, while spandex and nylon are also materials, creating great comfort. Unfortunately, the straps on this bra do not adjust, but based on the happiness customers have gotten from this bra, we believe it can fit and help almost any woman! 

The link to the ABC website is located below next to "labels." If you have any questions about this bra, or you are someone who owns this bra, comment and let us know!! 

-MaryKate Frey, Social Media Consultant at Thelma's 

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